The Real America

Marcia Krieger



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Photo: Evanston, December 2015

c 2011 Marcia Krieger

Have we forgotten what America is all about? How we got to be who we are, is there any doubt How we came here by land and sea and air How we came to America from everywhere Will the real America stand up For something honest and true Will the real America stand up Right now we're counting on you People feel anger and people feel pain People feel joy and love, it's the same No matter what kind of clothing they wear No matter how they say their evening prayer Will the real America.........The soldiers who fight in our wars far from home One and all of them we call our own Whether they pray in a temple, church, or mosque The blood they shed is for all of us Will the real America......... If we want to honor the ones who died When the towers fell, it's time to rise To the occasion and let the whole world see That we honor all people who want to be free Will the real America..........